I have always been an artist, whether it is painting, jewelry, sculpture, music or writing. This is the part of my soul that always saved me. Art and nature are my healers and guides. After I was brought back to the land of the living, I had a purpose. To share the journey with others. This path guided me to return to school and obtain degrees in Fine Art and Cognitive Science. My most important teachings came while walking by the side of native healers from the Americas. Curiosity still drives my passion, but now I have trust, patience and wisdom with me.


I have written five books on acrylic painting and mixed media art techniques, but this book brings me full circle back to where I began this journey of empowerment. Awakening Your Creative Soul brings spirituality, earth medicine and art together as a map for finding passion and peace.


Mary Carroll Nelson, the founder of SLMM says, “How does one put into words the extent of Sandra Duran Wilson’s work?  The overall direction is abstraction, but the attention is on formal aspects of making art:  dividing the surface into interesting forms, playing with new materials, keeping the emphasis on the fact that the creation is not so much about something seen in nature as a work devoted to the creating of it, the process of achieving a work of art.”


I believe a work of art is always an evolving process. Honoring our passions and purpose in life culminate in the highest art form. Discover more on Sandra on sandraduranwilson.com.

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Art saves lives and creative thinking elevates our existence on the planet and enhances cooperative solutions. This program will empower women and men to create a world where they are seen, heard and their authentic and creative souls are honored.


I came into the world a curious child. When I was three, I climbed onto the back of Old Blue, the neighbor’s appaloosa mare and rode off into the distance. My Mother had to retrieve me from the ranch house. I am still curious, and I have continued to explore the world around me, both seen and unseen. I grew up on the border of Mexico and the ways of the Curanderas and the magic of the land became a part of my story. My older brothers and I played outside all day and used our imaginations to become explorers in a remote landscape.


There is a dark side to living life on the boundary, the edge of society. I struggled with my shadow as I traveled and explored, almost losing to the shadow several times. When I fell off the precipice to my death, I was caught by my spirit guides and led to sanctuary. My recovery led me on new adventures, but I had never been more terrified in my life. When the pain becomes more overwhelming than the unknown, change happens. You might think that living on the edge was scary, but being still and looking within is what terrified me. I had caught up with my shadow and now the real adventure began.

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"This is exactly the book the creative community needs today. There’s something here to resonate with a part of you that you may not even realize is alive and longing to be set free." - Tonia Jenny

"A woman of small stature, Sandra Duran Wilson has an out-sized personality, full of energy and intellectual curiosity.  She is someone to watch, like keeping your eye on a comet." - Mary Carroll Nelson, Founder of Society Layerists in Mutimedia

"As a representational artist, I was surprised by how much Sandra's book inspired me to look deeper at my art, my personal expression, and where my creative journey is taking me. If you want to "Awaken Your Creative Soul," pick up this book and let Sandra launch you on a fulfilling journey of artistic discovery and personal growth." - John W.

"There are books on just the psychology of being blocked as an artist; then there are thousands of “how to” books, each having their own level of merit. But this is new and different. And extremely exciting. I found that following the mental exercises I learned, after just two days, there was a new energy and even more importantly, a new connection to my unique creation process. Awakening Your Creative Soul is a go-to for any artist who is trying to expand and grow. Whatever your painting style is, you will find that following her guidance will lead you to express your own fresh ideas in your own individual way. She is a gifted teacher in this regard and this book is a must for your library." - Kathy Seek, Freelance Artist and Illustrator 

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Awakening Your Creative Soul is for curious souls wanting to find the right spark to jump-start their creativity.

Inside, there are 52 chapters with an exercise for each week of the year featuring a step-by-step art, writing or meditation project. Following the flow of the seasons (East, South, West, North), the exercises are designed to take you from the spring of your intuition, through the summer of personal growth, fall of self-discovery to arrive at the end of your creative cycle refreshed, revived and renewed.

This book has been with me for decades and now is the perfect time for it to be born. I have been working as an artist in one form or another all my life, and to survive in this profession I learned to be adaptable. This way of creative thinking, adaptability and transformation is helpful for everyone, not just artists. When you free yourself from what is expected or accepted, you open to original and innovative ways of thinking. Competition is replaced with collaboration. What lights you up? What gets you off the chair and away from the digital devices? What brings you big love? If you are searching for the connection between making and being, then this book will speak to you. The book will guide you through artistic projects and show you how to embrace yourself, wherever you are right now, and guide you to living your greatest vision.


Finding one’s authenticity and passion is an ongoing process. This doesn’t mean that you will quit your day job or suddenly become enlightened or perpetually peaceful. I think we are all here to learn and learning means failing. Finding your creative soul happens when you rise again and again. It is both in the fall and in the process of trusting and standing up again that connection is made to your authentic voice. As a creative thinker, you must push yourself to expand what you believe is possible. When in the darkness of the cave, it is difficult to see the solutions or the way out. 



Finding a practice, a set of exercises, will help you change your habits and expectations. This daily practice based on the cycles of nature will show you the way out of the cave.

The hope I have for this book is to share a journey that will lead you to connect art and spirit; to answer the call you feel deep within. The mission and my passion is to lay a foundation, a map, to help guide all who are seeking to awaken the excitement, passion and purpose inside themselves. To make a difference in the world. To become a creative agent for change. I see this book as an introduction to new artists looking to find their voice, a guide for all creatives that are struggling or feeling burnt out and a jumping off point for established artists looking to launch themselves into their next incarnation.

I began working in a center for healing and spiritual growth not long after I began walking this path myself. There were many people that helped and mentored me as I was learning and teaching simultaneously. I reflect on that time and realize what a tremendous gift and challenge it was, and I am eternally grateful for all the help I found from both my teachers and students. I left the center after a decade to pursue my dream of being a full-time artist. Since accomplishing this and writing 5 books, I return to this place of healing, passion and art. Now I am here to give back and complete the circle.


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