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Have you ever wondered what all those jars and bottles of white acrylic products are for?

It seems overwhelming, but I will walk you through the steps to learn the why’s and when’s to use each gel or medium.

I have used my background as a research scientist to explore all the possibilities and written 6 books on art techniques. I have been a working artist for over 40 years and I love to share all that I know with you.


Expand your knowledge of which gel or medium to use to create rich textures using gels:

  • Use acrylic mediums to build luminous layers 

  • Learn how to extend your paint and save a bundle on paint supplies

  • Discover how to match the acrylic glue to the type of paper for great collage 


 Save yourself hours of research time and know what you need to create the look 

 you desire. You won’t waste money buying products you won’t know how to use.


You have lifetime access to this self-paced online course.


Join the Facebook group to get feedback from other practicing artists and I pop in as well.


This course is beneficial to both newbies and experienced painters.


Are you ready to invest in your skills?

Save money on paints?

Learn how to build layers?

Keep your colors vibrant?

Understand the dynamics of composition?


  • 13 videos- over 3.5 hours of instruction

  • You will create some charts that will be invaluable references going forward

  • Notes to download for each chapter

  • This course is yours to watch over and over, for a lifetime

 Bonus! PDF download of all about acrylics


Sandra has written and been featured in Acrylic Artist Magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors and worked with Golden, DecoArt and other acrylic manufacturers.


I love teaching and I consider myself an inspiration instigator. I am not affiliated with a company and I will share my experiences with various products. My background in experimental science combined with my lifetime of being a working artist informs my courses. I tend to find unusual ways to use common materials. I look forward to having you along with me on this journey.


I have taught for over 25 years around the US, Europe and Australia.


Take a look at my Mixed Media Soul Sparks YouTube channel to see how I teach. I hope you decide to join me!