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Painting 1

This lesson is all about how to prepare your panel and paint on top of the leaf with acrylic paint.

Have you always wanted to know how to create luminous art by painting on top of gold or metal leaf? In this course you will learn how to:

Prepare your surface to accept the metal leaf, both smooth and with texture

Which colors work well as base colors underneath different types of leaf

Learn about different types of water-based adhesive size

Different types of metal leaf and how to apply them

All the steps necessary to provide an archival surface for painting on top with acrylic paints

Learn about the various steps to seal the leaf so you may build layers

The first layers provide luminosity and transparency

The next layers build shapes and value contrasts

Discover tools to help with applying and removing the paint on top of the leaf

Looking at composition, color and values

Create depth with collage and paint layers


Painting 2

This lesson will show you the tricks to create a super smooth surface over stretched canvas and how to apply leaf in a pattern.

The gesso layers hide the weave of the canvas and allow you to apply leaf, so it looks like you are working on a panel or even plaster.

Discover the steps needed to apply the adhesive size in a pattern using stencils.

This painting comes together by using a design and a minimum amount of paint.

Create unique metal leaf papers to add to your composition.

BONUS MINI CLASS 1 - metal leaf on paper


You have learned the rules for working with metal leaf, now let’s break some of them.

In this lesson you will discover:

How to seal various papers for metal leaf.

Explore some unusual adhesives.

Create a surface for leaf using gel.

Learn how to paint and distress the metal leaf papers.

Use paint to create patinas over the metal leaf papers.

An ingenious way to clean up your work area and create fabulous paper collage elements.


Sandra has written and been featured in Acrylic Artist Magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors and worked with Golden, DecoArt and other acrylic manufacturers.


BONUS MINI CLASS 2 - metal leaf skin

Have you ever wanted to cut up small pieces of metal leaf and apply them to your projects, but the leaf is so fly away that it makes it impossible? Well, here is a way to make a gold leaf skin, just like paint or paper skins. I love to have these on hand to add that special touch to any work.

Create a gel skin with gold or other metal leaf.

You can even stretch and bend it, so it develops crackles and openings.

Easily cut small shapes and pieces and add them to your art using gel.

Discover how to turn silver into gold.

Create patinas and add shine to any piece.



I love teaching and I consider myself an inspiration instigator. I am not affiliated with a company and I will share my experiences with various products. My background in experimental science combined with my lifetime of being a working artist informs my courses. I tend to find unusual ways to use common materials. I look forward to having you along with me on this journey.


I have taught for over 25 years around the US, Europe and Australia.


Take a look at my Mixed Media Soul Sparks YouTube channel to see how I teach. I hope you decide to join me!