This is exactly the book the creative community needs today. There is a collective awakening happening where so many feel a somewhat-uncomfortable longing for deeper meaning and perhaps a path to creating more meaningful work-work that contributes something beautiful to humanity as a whole. When we are more in tune to our own Inner Knowing, we become a more positive source of energy for everyone around us.


Sandra’s book offers weekly experiments for fine-tuning our essence. I love that there are exercises, ceremonies and activities for every season of the year and each can be met exactly where you’re at -regardless of artistic skill or familiarity of spiritual disciplines. There’s something here to resonate with a part of you that you may not even realize is alive and longing to be set free.


Some of my favorite projects involve communicating with my future self, a seed planting ceremony for setting intentions, creating a rain stick and an intention pouch to connect me to the Wheel of Life.


Each new “week” (project) offers art making suggestions and there are numerous art techniques stepped out for the chance to learn something new about the way Sandra makes art, but I adore that this book is also so much more than that.


It’s about encouraging creatives to live in a more meaningful way; as the light workers we long to be; beginning with our own journey of self-discovery. - TONIA JENNY


Sandra is a practiced teacher who uses her well-planned, ample studio to give classes.  She travels around the States to venues far and near giving workshops that expand on the lessons in her books.   Her nature is generous.  What she accepts in responsibility — to share what she knows — she does with thoroughness, giving without concern that others will adopt her inventions.  To this observer, all the varied aspects of her life seem to be active at once: her childhood, her early exposure to the scientific method, her adventurousness as a solo traveler, her independence in doing whatever was necessary to support herself, her daring, her happy marriage, her caring and capacity to be loving.  A woman of small stature, Sandra Duran Wilson has an out-sized personality, full of energy and intellectual curiosity.  She is someone to watch, like keeping your eye on a comet. - MARY CARROLL NELSON, FOUNDER OF SOCIETY OF LAYERISTS IN MULTI-MEDIA


Sandra Duran Wilson has crafted an inspirational book, replete with wonderful images, stories, exercises and ideas. The book is filled with encouragements like, "Your art will be found in the hidden corners and crevices of your soul. It won't hit you over the head, it will whisper your name." The author reminds us that "Who we are is much deeper than the labels we give ourselves." From tea stain art to vision boards, readers will experience a delight of artistic explorations, step-by-step tutorials and moving stories. As a representational artist, I was surprised by how much Sandra's book inspired me to look deeper at my art, my personal expression, and where my creative journey is taking me. If you want to "Awaken Your Creative Soul," pick up this book and let Sandra launch you on a fulfilling journey of artistic discovery and personal growth.           - JOHN W.


I have purchased and studied many types of art “instruction” books in my life long artistic career but this one is fresh, and it is uplifting.  It isn’t just technique. Through many of the “practices” she describes, once incorporated into your creative workflow unleash the creative muse.  There are books on just the psychology of being blocked as an artist; then there are thousands of “how to” books, each having their own level of merit. But this is new and different.  And extremely exciting.


Looking at the illustrations as I quickly thumbed through her book made me hungry to create.  As I searched for the area where I wanted to begin I noticed that I had been exposed to some of these techniques and approaches in workshops I have taken with Sandra.  But, wow, she always comes up with a new twist to teaching and demonstration of a process or a product. There are ones that I know I will go back and try more than several times because the results will be different each time, not just because of the variability of materials reacting with each other, but perhaps more importantly, because of how she guides us, as artists, to reach inside ourselves.


I can confidently say that I have never seen a book, or teaching approach that is remotely close to the in-depth one that Sandra uses.  We all need to access “our innermost self” to get to our individual truth in art creation, and she offers phrases, exercises and descriptions among which everyone using this book will find something to energize them toward inward exploration leading into a creative process which is freer and more honest.  I found that following the mental exercises I learned, after just two days, there was a new energy and even more importantly, a new connection to my unique creation process.  


Awakening Your Creative Soul is a go-to for any artist who is trying to expand and grow. Whatever your painting style is, you will find that following her guidance will lead you to express your own fresh ideas in your own individual way.  She is a gifted teacher in this regard and this book is a must for your library. - KATHY SEEK, FREELANCE ARTIST AND ILLUSTRATOR


OMG Sandra...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN all my I'm moving forward I keep nodding my head and saying "Yes...Yes." It makes me smile and laugh because I understand the techniques and agree...but more than anything...I'm SO INSPIRED...I thought I knew Mixed media...(wrong). I love the way you work through the creative process...I'm totally mesmerized as I go through the chapters and journey with you..."WOW, WOW" I keep saying to myself. I AM  HOOKED. - ROSALIND



My soul feels as though I have emerged from a winter of hibernation into the soaring freedom offered through cre8tive expression.  The wisdom and wonders of nature combine with Sandra's keen insights to gently guide her readers.  Awakening Your Creative Soul is an open invitation to unlock the cre8tivity which our souls are longing to express.  Not only is Sandra an amazing artist, she also is a master teacher, gently holding her reader's hand and guiding them on the journey of a lifetime.  Discovery of their true self is the ultimate "Ah Ha" reward.  



‘Awakening Your Creative Soul' is perfectly titled as it does just that. This book truly spoke to me in a way I was not expecting. I love how this book follows along with the course of a year (after reading one-time through, I am going to go back and follow along week-by-week), it gives the opportunity to connect, respect and recognize the current season and the transitions to the next. I was an art student in college and I have lost touch with my 'creative side' since. This book has reignited my motivation and urge to create, something I wasn't particularly expecting. Not only do the weekly lessons look interesting, the messages that go along with each lesson are heartfelt, meaningful and purposeful. There were many times that I felt so connected to the messages that I became emotional (in a positive light!). I'm grateful this book found me, I'm looking forward to incorporating it into my days, weeks and years. - MICHELLE CONRAD


Your techniques have herald me into a new kaleidoscope of creativity...Thank you for your thought-provoking ideas and expert challenges. You have encouraged me to delve far beyond my comfort zone and into the mixed media twilight where all my dreams hide and whisper. My artistic voice feels freedom. You are a wonderful teacher!!!! - R. S.

In the decade that I have known Sandra Duran Wilson as an artist and a dear friend, I have come to deeply appreciate the gift she has for manifesting creativity. Her background in the hard sciences grounds her work in tested concepts of physical matter while her vivid artistic imagination enables her to leap through time and space unbounded. Watching Sandra's personal art practice flourish has been exhilarating; seeing her generosity towards other artists and those seeking a creative spiritual path is inspiring. - CHERYL HANNAH

This book is so much more than an art how-to book. Sandra's unique perspective and wisdom gained from years of not only teaching art, but spirituality groups as well, adds a beautiful, inspirational, and educational influence for every area of life. 

In this 52 week guide, there is an art, meditation or writing exercise for each week. I have previewed each chapter, and I am just as excited about the writing and meditation exercises as I am the art projects. I was one of twelve artists asked to contribute a chapter with an art project and I am humbled to be in such talented company and thrilled to be a small part of this beautiful journey. This book will enrich your life in unexpected ways. Thank you Sandra, for your friendship, for being such an inspiration in my life in numerous ways, and for including me in something so very special!