Creative Soul Courses - The North Session

Weekly Outline

You will make at least 14 paintings, gain insights into color, composition and mixed media techniques.

Each lesson has downloadable PDF notes and the audios come with writing exercise to guide you deeper into your creative process.

Week 1

Slideshow Video Outline

PDF Downloads

Introduction and Laying the Foundation. An overview of supplies and techniques

• Introductory slide video covers: 

  • New to Ruzuku (course platform), how to navigate, ways to connect

  • Why you are here

  • Course objectives - arrangement of modules

  • How to use your Soul Journal

  • Downloads and extra prompts

  • Building community

  • Time commitment o Art supplies 

• Overview of power of the North-change and transition 

• Monthly themes [PDF] 

Week 2

Video Lessons

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Color and Design Week

Do you ever find yourself working in the same color combinations? This fun exercise will be a game changer. I call it Deal-a-Palette. We will create a deck of cards using colors and you will deal yourself a new color combo. Try a wild landscape with purple trees and red skies, or a serene and peaceful abstract. What about a blue and purple figure? The cards will give you colors and shapes to play with. You will learn some of the subtleties of color mixing from not crossing the line to layering colors. Learn how to incorporate blending and dry brush techniques. We will add some mixed media to the surface to create wonderful textures. The dry brush, scumble or stipple techniques will work better on rougher surfaces and enhance the textural appearance. We will become alchemist and mix up our own textures and mediums. Create 3 paintings.

Week 3

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Learn how to live the question. This audio will walk you through exercises to trust in your creative process and how to shake it up a bit. This direction embraces the ultimate paradox and you learn how to let go of knowing in order to embrace the new. You will learn how to use the exercise, Word for The Year to discover your path forward. Visualize the year you want to create.

Week 4

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Refill the Well

We build on the previous weeks exercise of exploring our word or phrase for the year. We will build on the vision by expressing it in paint, collage and sculpture. Find your passion and make it into a 3-D shrine. We will use acrylic mediums and alternative materials like Plexiglas or shadow boxes. You will learn how to make transparent transfers, layer collage on both sides and then build dimension with more detached layers. Work both sides, then drill, adhere objects, wires, stars or lights. Your imagination will sprout wings and take flight on this one! You will explore alternative ideas and materials to take your Word of the Year Shrine, mixed media construction, assemblage piece to new heights. Learn how to use Plexiglas, transfers, drills, Tyvek and wood veneer. This exercise will fill the well and propel you into the new year. You will create 1 shrine but you will have ideas for many more.    

Week 5

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Trust and Synchronicity

This week’s audio will share with you a roadmap on how to become a transformative thinker, trust your connection with synchronicity and tap into your creative inspiration.

Week 6

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Spontaneous Exploration

Let go of control and learn how to trust the creative process. Use yarn to add lines, pouring mediums to explore textures and how to mimic nature and incorporate layers. You will learn how to use paint viscosity for creating effects, add details with painting from bottles with various size tips and define shapes. Then you amplify a section of that painting to jumpstart the second piece. You will learn how to use your work to create enlargements and then transfer to a new painting. The ideas are endless. You will make 2 paintings.

Week 7

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Success-Rewrite the Rules

This week you explore what your idea of success looks like. What does a successful painting look like? What do you think being a successful artist means? How can you set your path according to your personal vision? Goal setting and restructuring the definition of success is covered. Lots of great writing exercises and resources to really dig deep.

Week 8

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Reinterpret a Master

The traditional way for learning art was to copy the masters work as seen in the museums. We are going to take a contemporary twist on the master’s program. You will learn how to recreate a classic work of art using collage, pattern papers and make your color-stamp patterns, paint skins and how to use foils, found papers, stamps and more to make your own acrylic skins. I will be using a painting by Klimt, but you can choose any artist and incorporate the techniques. You will create 1 piece.

Week 9

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Rhythm and Music

In this audio guide you will explore different rhythms and how they can complement your painting style. Find your song and paint your rhythm.

Week 10

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Simplicity is learning how each mark has impact. You will work fast and keep it simple. It may sound easy but this is a challenging week. You first tap into an emotion, idea, place, person, thing or concept that you wish to express. Then you determine tools, palette and time frame. You will use 30 marks to create the piece. You will work fast and keep it simple. This exercise will fine tune your vision and your skills. 

You will learn how to use a variety of mark-making tools, pencils, hands, big brush, roller, water, stamps, graphite and you may discover or invent some new and unusual tools. You will make 6 works on paper, canvas or panel. You may wish to explore the same topic in all six or have each one be different.

Week 11

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Refill the Well Meditation

This meditation will wrap you in warmth and self-love.

Week 12

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Secret Messages

This week is all about transforming what we see as an ordinary object into art. We will make a surface design book with secret pockets and words of inspiration. I will demonstrate how to use an existing book and transform it into your own artistic wonder of delights. You will learn how to group pages, create windows and pockets to show off your tiny masterpieces. Your book may have a theme, like the garden, take a line for a walk, redacted or it can be a collection of surfaces, words or designs. This book may take on a life of its own as you discover the ways of alternative books. You will make 1 book with multiple pages.

Week 13

Live Q&A

February 26th. You may also email questions and the session will be recorded for you to take with you.