Creative Soul Courses EAST SESSION

MARCH 5 - May 28 2021


Have you studied and taken many classes but still wonder what your authentic style is? What is your unique voice trying to say?


  • Have you ever wanted to create more intuitively and learn to trust in your painting choices?

  • Do you wish to learn more about alternative methods and materials for mixed media?

  • Do you want someone to answer your questions each day?

  • Are you looking to share in the creative process with others and even make some lasting connections?




Learn to recognize the patterns you go through in your creative process.

When you pay attention and focus you will recognize the detours and pitfalls that often derail your art process.


  • Train your mind and your eyes to see the inspiration hiding in plain sight

  • Let go of the clutter and allow room for expansive awareness

  • Activate your child-like wonder and rediscover how to create for the pure joy of play

  • Dig deep with questions that will mine your inner guide for answers

  • Learn to embrace all colors and discover how to use them to express your authentic voice

  • Dance with music and color and use your entire being to make art

  • Explore various styles of painting and learn how your authentic voice interprets each style

  • You may discover a new expressive voice.


Follow along with me in the videos or learn the moves and then dance to your own rhythm. Either way you will finish at least 13 paintings in this 3-month class.

See the weekly outline here.


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Through the lessons you will become comfortable taking risks. You will save time and money on materials, expand your knowledge and enhance your confidence and skill.


Learn mixed media and acrylic painting techniques that will enhance your creative practice no matter what style you paint in. Watch step-by-step videos, connect with a global group of artists within the learning platform, get daily support and follow this path to learn how to create your most authentic art.


Over the three months you will discover how to supercharge your creativity by connecting the path between your art, heart and soul. You have 7 videos of painting instruction, 5 audios to enhance your creative thinking you, guided visualizations, writing exercises and daily support to deepen the connection between your story and how you express it.


You will create 13+ paintings over the course of three months, gain insights into color, composition and mixed media techniques. But more than that you will deepen your soul purpose through art.

Art can move your life into the upper vibrations of happiness.


Here is what you get:

  • 13 weeks of videos, audios, writing prompts and exercises and notes to download

  • A weekly journal that you can use to keep track of inspiration and ideas

  • You will create at least 13 paintings with step-by-step videos


Price: $450 (OVER $1,500 VALUE )

*Discounted Early Bird Registration Price: $400

This course is yours to watch over and over, for a lifetime.


I am your guide on this journey and I am honored to have your trust in my guidance. I have been working with creativity and spirituality groups for over 25 years. I am an artist, a scientist and an alchemist.

I am grateful to be on this journey together.




You have me with you EVERY DAY! Just reach out, ask questions, share struggles and successes. Share your

in-process paintings and ask for feedback. Create community within the Ruzuku platform during the course and then continue in a closed Facebook group.


Sandra has written 6 best-selling book and been featured in Acrylic Artist Magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors and worked with Golden, DecoArt, Ampersand and other art supply companies.


I love teaching and I think of myself as an inspiration instigator. My background in experimental science combined with a lifetime of being a working artist informs my courses. I tend to find unusual ways to use common materials. I look forward to having you along with me on this journey.


I have taught for over 25 years around the US, Europe and Australia.


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Visit the About page to discover more of how this course was born.


Visit the Mixed Media Soul Sparks channel to get a feel of my teaching style, and I hope you decide to join me.


Read what others are saying, here.


Week 1

Slideshow Video Outline

PDF Downloads

Introduction and Laying the Foundation. An overview of supplies and techniques.

• Introductory slide video covers: 

  • New to Ruzuku (course platform), how to navigate, ways to connect

  • Why you are here

  • Course objectives - arrangement of modules

  • How to use your Soul Journal

  • Downloads and extra prompts

  • Building community

  • Time commitment

  • Art supplies 

• Overview of power of the North-change and transition 

• Monthly themes [PDF] 

Week 2

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

Finding Your Mark

What you will explore in this lesson: Connect your inner knowing with your outer doing. How to deepen your creative process as you explore and understand your inner inspiration. You will use the audio to establish a foundation and then move into the video lessons. The videos are set up in about 20 to 30-minute sections so you may work on them over the course of the weekend or daily.


Techniques you will learn: Painting techniques you will learn- about tools, surfaces, color choices, blending, mark making, symbols, collage techniques, papers, creating layers, opacity and transparency, glazing, sealing.

Week 3

Audio Downloads

PDF Downloads


Audio meditation and guided visualization to release old patterns and create room for the new.

PDF Download guidelines for creating the ceremony.

Week 4

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

Let Go and Focus

Creativity is the ability to see fresh connections between what is already there.

When you can see beyond the ordinary with fresh eyes you see original connections your imagination will soar. When you push beyond your comfort zone, you go into unknown territory, and here you discover your authentic self patiently waiting for you. Your guide is your intuition. Experiment, explore, try it and if it doesn’t work, move on to the next idea. Your imagination is infinite. Know it and trust in it.

Week 5

Audio Download

PDF Download

discussion prompts

Activating your Vision

This audio will walk you through some questions to ask about your painting process and how to dialogue with the art while creating it.

Week 6

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

The Power of Play

This week we let go of what a finished painting must be like and join in the freedom of expression and playful curiosity for making collage papers using textures and new techniques.

Week 7

Audio Download

PDF Download

Discover Inspiration

Dig deep into your soul to activate your paintings using creative prompts and excursions. Tape into your dream state for inspiration.

Week 8

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

Fear No Color

Never underestimate the power of color. You will make 6 paintings using the following color combinations.

Ch 1 video-How to have your colors always play well together.

Ch 2 video-Limited palette painting-studies

Ch 3 video-Mix contrasts-bright and dull- study painting

Ch 4 video-analogous study painting

Ch 5 video-transparent and opaque

Ch 6 video-Tertiary colors

Week 9

Audio Download

PDF Download

Music and color audio with Jim Oliver

Let the healing energy music of Grammy award winning artist, Jim Oliver inspire you. The music and spoken word will guide you through the chakra frequencies.

Discussion prompts.

Week 10

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

Setting Your Course

These videos will take you on a journey to try various styles of painting from abstract to landscape, figures and still life. You will discover how each style can contribute to your own authentic voice. In the final video you will compare your paintings and explore the similarities that are manifesting in your style. This lesson will boost your understanding of how you find inspiration and bring it to light.

Week 11

Audio Download

PDF Download

Painting Prompt Audio

Meditation and visualization to activate connections and synchronicities.

Week 12

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

Revisit Finding Your Mark and Wake Up to Your Life Force

It is now time to revisit the place where you began and see how your work has grown.

Week 13

Live Q&A

You may also email questions and the session will be recorded for you to take with you.