What is the difference between the book, Awakening Your Creative Soul and the online Creative Soul Courses?

The online courses pick up where the book ends and they take you by the hand with video, audio and PDF lessons to wake up and shake up your creativity. The book is based on Sandra's decade of using art and healing to understand where our most authentic inspiration comes from.

The online lessons guide you to explore mixed media techniques and to create 14 paintings each Session. The techniques and steps may be followed or use the information and incorporate it into your own style. The premise behind both are the same but the techniques and the paintings are different. Each person learns in different ways and guided videos are the most helpful to understand. The audio and writing exercises are designed to prompt you in nurturing your true authentic voice.


No! The courses go much deeper than the book. The book is a great resource outside of the online courses but it's not required to read it for the courses.

I'm a beginner, are the online courses for me?

The courses address many issues related to beginners such as color mixing, composition and understanding your own style. There are terms and techniques that you will learn and Sandra explains the processes and gives details relevant to someone that is just starting or is new to mixed media acrylic painting. Some of my other books and courses may be helpful to novices, but Sandra believes that beginners mind is the best place to start. You may ask her questions every day. This part of the course is invaluable and not available anywhere else.

I'm an experienced artist, what will I gain from taking the courses?

If you are an experienced artist ask yourself if you are learning something new every month. Many times, artists will create the same painting over and over. This is a great way to learn but then you get to the point where you are not engaging your inquisitive soul. These courses are meant to not only teach techniques that will enhance your mixed media creations but they are designed to help motivate and inspire your muse. As an experienced artist you will find new challenges and tools to add to your toolbox.

What is the overall goal of the Soul Courses?

The courses are meant to be both techniques driven leading to the creation of amazing finished art and process guided so you can discover what holds you back and what supports your creative journey. When you can understand your story, you can make amazing art. The goal of the Awakening Your Creative Soul is a grand mission to share in the abundance that nurturing creativity can bring to both you and your world. Make beauty wherever you are.

When are the courses offered?

Each Session (East, South, West, North) is offered once a year and registration is open for only two weeks prior to each Session.

East Session - March 2020

South Session - June 2020

West Session - August 2020

North Session - December 2020

Is there a sequence to the courses?

There are four Sessions over the course of the year, the East, South, West and North Sessions. Each 3-month session is independent of one another and you may take them as desired. You may take one Session, two Sessions, three or all four.

What is the best way to take the courses?

Take one Session and see how the lessons fit your timeline. As you determine your schedule you may sign up for the next 3 months or adjust to your needs.


You can find testimonials from past and/or current students of the online Creative Soul Courses here.



What do I get with the online courses?

You will create a total of 14 paintings per session which you can use to build your portfolio.

7 Video Lessons

Each online course has detailed step-by-step videos to guide your creative process. You may follow along or use the information to inform your own style of creating. You will receive supply lists for each video Session.


PDF writing prompts

These exercises will take you deeper into your creative process and guide you to explore how your muse is calling to you personally. You will uncover your "how" and "why" of your creative practice. Each week has a different focus.


5 Audio Lessons

These guided audios combined with questions will prompt you to further explore your intuition, inspiration and deepen your motivation. The audios may be guided meditations, music from Grammy award winning musician Jim Oliver, or painting prompts to guide you through your painting evaluation. The audios are accompanied with writing exercises to enhance the learning process.


Daily Input

You have access to Sandra every day. Ask questions, share frustrations, discoveries and successes with her and the other students. This group exists within the teaching platform and isn’t on the internet. You may be as active as you wish. Past students have made new friends and connected with others around the world.


Live Q&A

For the finale we have a live one hour Q&A. Bring your questions, inspiration and successes to the party. The Session will be recorded for later access.


Daily Journal Prompts

You will find inspirational quotes and prompts to guide you in deepening your creative soul practice.

Private Facebook group

Join the private group to get input from Sandra and others during and beyond your enrollment.

Lifetime Access

As long as the online Creative Soul Courses are running, you will have lifetime access to all course content.

What type of content do I receive with the online Creative Soul Courses?

Each video is professionally shot and edited.

The audios are also professionally produced and intended to help you in deepening your creative practice.

The writing exercises are based upon the decades of working with Native healers. Sandra has degrees in both Psychology and Fine Art and has spent over a decade as a Spiritual and Creative Counselor.

What can I do with the course content?

The videos are available to you for life and you may access them anytime from the course platform. The Audios are downloadable except for one. All the notes, writing prompts and additional imagery is available for download. The Soul Journal is meant for you to download. We kindly ask that you do not redistribute or teach lessons from the courses.

Can I take your ideas and teach them myself?

The ideas, videos and notes have taken years of developing, exploring, commitment and time. We kindly ask that you respect this and do not share or teach the courses as your own. You are welcome to share the techniques with others. Please don’t copy the class format.


Do you have samples of the courses so i can decide if it's for me?

There is an audio less on and two video lessons from the East and South Session free for download. You can find them here.

You can also receive instant downloads of full chapters from each Session (East, South, West and North) for purchase. You can find those here.


I don't have time to commit to the courses, can I purchase now and complete later?

The course is self-paced. You will have lifetime access. Pace yourself to create when you can. The course is about holding you in deep support and no need to feel pressured.


How much time is required?

Each Session is structured to be three months long. You will have access to the videos for one year after you sign up. The videos and audios are alternated each week. The allotted time depends on you. To follow the painting Sessions along with all the audios and writing exercises will take about 3-5 hours a week if you wish to complete all lessons within 3 months. Remember you have all course content for life, so how much time you put in is up to you.

I suggest that you take the Sessions according to your time constraints. If you only have a 1-2 hours a week to spare then take one Session a year.

If you have limited time but really want to get the most out of your courses, I suggest you take two Sessions a year. Perhaps begin with the East Session and in 6 months take the West Session. The following year you can take the other two remaining Sessions.

If you really want to jump start your creativity then join in the circle for the year.

Do I have to commit to a full year of courses?

No. The courses may be taken to fit your schedule. If you have time and commitment and you really want to become proficient in mixed media painting then take all 4 courses in a year.

If your time is a bit limited the best way to take the course is two Sessions a year. This will give you a painting Session and an audio Session every month. This is enough to keep you motivated and moving forward.

You may take only one Session a year. This will give you access to Sandra and the group year-round. The Sessions are only available for registration for a limited time.

Do I have to be present on the computer in the course at certain times?

No, your timing is self-paced. New content is available on Friday mornings.

How much interaction within the course is required?

You are free to post as much as you like, or not. Some students are very interactive and others quietly watch and listen. It is entirely up to you. Introductions are encouraged and you can make some meaningful connections through interactions.


How do I access the course?

The online Creative Soul Courses are hosted on the Ruzuku learning platform. Only students who are enrolled in the courses can access the content on Ruzuku. Each student will have their own unique login to Ruzuku.

Do I have direct access to Sandra during the course?

You can access Sandra daily through the course platform. She will receive your questions or shares once a day and respond within 24 hours when possible.

Can I communicate with other students?

Yes, you can communicate within the course platform. If you wish to connect with others outside the teaching platform that is up to you.

Can I ask questions and get feedback on my work?

Yes, this is the most exciting part of the course is that you have daily access for questions and feedback.

May I still ask questions after the courses are over?

You have Sandra for one year to interact within the course platform. So, if you signed up for the course and 6 months later you are finally getting to a lesson and have a question - ask away!


Can I get a supply list for each session before I commit?

Yes, you can. There are some specific supplies that may be necessary for a certain project but overall you may use what you have. Sandra will let you know exactly which paints and surfaces she is using but it is possible to improvise in most situations. The main intention is to explore and not worry about buying products. There will be a few things that are necessary to get the exact results as Sandra does and she will  let you know which things are necessary.

East Supply List

South Supply List

West Supply List

North Supply List



You can register right here, you will be redirected to the Ruzuku platform (course platform) to complete registration payment.

When can I REGISTER?

Registration is open a few weeks prior to each Session.​ 

What do the courses cost?

The courses cost $450 per Session.

Do you offer installment plans?

Yes! We offer installment plans over the course of three months. $160 for three months. This is not available during Early Bird Registration.

Is there special pricing?

Registration for each Session opens up with Early Bird pricing - $400 for each Session. Early Bird pricing only lasts a few days.


If the courses aren't what you thought they would be, you are able to get a full refund up to three weeks after the course Session begins.

sandra duran wilson

Who teaches the online courses?

Sandra Duran Wilson created all course content and teaches the courses. Learn more about Sandra here.

Does Sandra host in-person workshops like the online courses?

Yes. You may check the schedule for a list of upcoming courses. Sandra usually hosts small workshops in her Santa Fe, NM studio twice a year, several live workshops around the US and 1-2 international workshops a year. They tend to fill up so contact her for availability.

Where can i find sandra's work?

Please visit sandraduranwilson.com to view Sandra's work and find information on galleries.

Do you still have questions? Reach out here.