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What you will explore in this lesson: Connect your inner knowing with your outer doing. How to deepen your creative process as you explore and understand your inner inspiration. You will use the audio to establish a foundation and then move into the video lessons. The videos are set up in about 20 to 30-minute sections so you may work on them over the course of the weekend or daily.


Techniques you will learn: Painting techniques you will learn- about tools, surfaces, color choices, blending, mark making, symbols, collage techniques, papers, creating layers, opacity and transparency, glazing, sealing.



You will develop your authentic voice by working in series .


Composition and design elements are covered.


Color stories and using mixed media and collage to enhance your art.


You will complete 6 paintings in this section-pick a theme: windows, circles, lines, compositions, horizon lines, ideas like travels, color ways, etc. Create a piece then choose something from that piece as a jumping off point for the next one. It could be color, value, shape or feeling.



You will learn the secrets of using various gels, mediums and pastes to enhance your mixed media art

You will complete 1-2 paintings in this lessons



Simplicity is learning how each mark has impact. You will work fast and keep it simple. It may sound easy but this is a challenging week. You first tap into an emotion, idea, place, person, thing or concept that you wish to express. Then you determine tools, palette and time frame. You will use 30 marks to create the piece. You will work fast and keep it simple. This exercise will fine tune your vision and your skills. 

You will learn how to use a variety of mark-making tools, pencils, hands, big brush, roller, water, stamps, graphite and you may discover or invent some new and unusual tools. You will make 6 works on paper, canvas or panel. You may wish to explore the same topic in all six or have each one be different.


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