10 Steps to Reconnect with Yourself

Complete the Cycle

This is a powerful month as we complete projects, make amends, let go and prepare for the return of the longer days (in the Northern hemisphere). Completing the cycles that you began this year is necessary before you can welcome new visions and dreams.

1. Forgive Yourself

The most important part of completing the cycle is forgiving yourself for shortcomings that you encountered. In order to truly have compassion and forgiveness for others, it is necessary to first have it for yourself. We all have made mistakes and to continue to beat yourself up doesn’t help you or the world. Let it go.

2. Compost the Lessons

A mistake or error need not become your history; it is an experience. Just like the remains of plants can be composted and become nourishing food for the earth, your mistakes can be composted and the lessons learned will make you a better person.

3. Let go of procrastination and be proactive

When you become proactive rather than waiting for live to make the path for you, you step into your power. When you are proactive you are becoming more aware of who are. This is stepping into your power. Making a choice is choosing to change and with change you are evolving. Just as the seasons change, so must life. Let go of your grip and trust the journey.

4. Step into choice and away from ambivalence

When you are ambivalent you are rejecting your power. Not making a choice keeps you stuck and stagnant. If you don’t know what you want, ask yourself, well if you did know, what would it be?

5. Make your decisions fearlessly and if you need to change directions do so consciously

Living in a state of ambivalence keeps you from moving forward. Learn from the decisions you make and move on.

6. Being proactive will accelerate your path to inner awareness

When you become aware of your desires you become closer to knowing your highest self. You may begin by simply learning what it is that you don’t want, then this can lead to discovering what you desire. A process of elimination is a beginning. Just begin, see previous step.

7. Become aware of the old stories that you keep living

Were you told that in order to do a good job you must be anxious? If it is easy you aren’t doing it right? Who ever said work was going to be fun? Rewrite the script. You are the author of your life!

8. Remember a time when you experienced awe

Reconnect with the feeling and you connect with the flow of creativity. Remember it with every sense. Was it watching an incredible sunrise, looking into the eyes of your child, finding your love? Recall and relive the awe.

9. Let go of how you think change should happen

When you have a rigid perception of the path and resist the inevitable chaos that comes with change you are letting go of your power. When you can accept the chaos that comes with change and trust your intuition, you step into the flow of creation.

10. Take a deep dive and examine your needs

Put yourself first in order to become the change and live the priorities you have discovered. It may feel awkward to prioritize yourself but when you can love yourself, forgive yourself, embrace your purpose and step into your passion; then you are living a truly enlightened life. Shine your light so others can see the way.

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