3 Ceremonies to Honor the Circle

We live our lives in the circle, rotating around the sun and spinning on the axis of our beautiful Earth. When you are in harmony with your cycle you know when to harvest and when to share. Here are three exercises to help you honor the cycles of nature and learn to live gently and in harmony with nature. Whether you live in the city or in the wilderness; it is possible to stay in tune with the cycles of life and nature. Each season has beginnings and endings. The Autumn is a time of harvest, where you reap the bounty of all your work. Welcome the abundance of this season and give thanks.

1. Find a way that feels good to you to share your abundance with others.

It may be as simple as sharing extra harvest from your garden or fruit trees.

It might be sitting at a communal table at your favorite coffee house and striking up a conversation with someone you don’t yet know.

You may even find a way to volunteer your time or expertise. Giving back will expand your soul and open yourself to more abundance. You will receive much more in return than what you give. It is the wonderful law of abundance and gratitude.

There is a chapter in Awakening Your Creative Soul on creating Angel Art. It is my take on guerilla art. Guerilla art is created and left in unlikely places for someone to discover. Angel art is made of earth friendly materials and may even contain a message.

How did you choose to share your bounty? Post in the blog. Share your ideas with others. Become the inspiration you seek.

2. Contemplate the notion that we are all connected.

Sure, you may give lip service to it, but really feel this out. Are you connected to those that mean you harm?

Are you connected to the energy of the Earth, especially when she is turbulent and cleansing?

Are we all connected beyond time, and what does that look like to you?

Try this meditation and exercise on Connection. Fill a glass with water and place it where you can observe it while meditating on connection. The glass of water represents a small drop of the ocean. It simply sits in the glass. It doesn’t have the power of the ocean. There are no waves or tides. It simply sits in the glass; yet, it is off the ocean. The water in the glass is separated from the ocean; but it is not separate. When you pour the water back into the ocean, it will reconnect with the ocean. Again, becoming part of the larger more

powerful body of water. Now think of yourself in your body separated from your source. You came from a powerful creative source, but you are only one in your body. Remember the connection from where you came. You have the power of all creation inside yourself.

Imagine what it would feel like to remember your original connection with source.

What does it feel like to “be” the sunrise, to flow with the oceans and to move like the wind?

What are some other metaphors that you can relate to that enhance your feeling of connection?

3. Create a shrine

A shrine holds a special place in your home as a reminder of your connection with loved ones, experiences, intentions or guides. We already do this in our homes, we may not call it a shrine. You probably have groupings of family photos or a special place where you put your treasured items from a relative, or souvenirs from a vacation. There is a tendency to group these items together, creating a place of remembering or knowing. Where I live in the southwest, we have wonderful Indigenous carvings called fetishes. They are animals carved from stone and sometimes they are wrapped with bundles. Different animals convey different traits and meanings. Here is a shrine I have arranged. They have special meaning for me and remind me to give thanks every time I look at them.

What does your shrine contain?

What stories do your groupings tell?

How does it connect you with your inner guides?