A Spark

An artist is an artist long before they have created anything. You might find this surprising because you think of great artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or Cezanne or Monet. You see their work preserved in museums and institutions. When I looked up who is considered the greatest artist of all time, the number one spot went to Da Vinci for his two paintings the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. But did you know that Da Vinci has fewer than 20 completed paintings that are attributed to him? Pretty amazing don’t you think that the greatest painter finished so few works.

Da Vinci was an artist in the truest sense. He was a creator on all levels. He was a thinker, a dabbler, an inventor, a scientist and a mathematician. We get the term Renaissance Man from him. He was always using his imagination, exploring his curiosity and tinkering with ideas. I have seen some of his flying machine inventions in person and they are incredible. He imagined bicycles and submarines. He never made planes or automobiles, but he imagined them. He was creative. He was an artist without creating those things.

The production is not what makes a person an artist, it is the soul. The center of the person, the creative fire that lives within you. The push to create burns inside your heart. This is what makes you a creative. When you surround yourself with other likeminded souls an energy is created. Each person is the spark that can ignite the passion of creation within a group. We thrive in community with others that seek to explore.

Think back to a time when you were deep in conversation with another person that was as inspired by the same things as you. There was an excitement and you could finish each other’s sentences and one idea led to another. It was intoxicating, inspiring and energizing. That is the power of a group of creative souls. There is a mystical quality to groups. When you share a fantastic idea or something you are wondering about within a group and the responses propel you to the next level. Then on another day you check in with your group and you are feeling low and uninspired when someone reaches out and pulls you out of the eddy and up into the creative flow again. You are reunited to the current of creativity.

This is the power of creative groups. The masters such as Da Vinci and Rembrandt had ateliers filled with like minded creators that supported each other. The Impressionists had their Salons in the cafés where they exchanged ideas. Writers, painters, philosophers all came together to inspire and support ideas. We have such a place where you can share your ideas, creations and as I like to call them, the what-if wonderings. I invite you to nurture your spark. Join the Creative Awakening Community and let the light of many sparks illuminate your journey.