Completing the Circle

I wrote this blog upon the completion of the first year of my online Creative Soul Courses. I am so grateful for all I had along for the journey during the first year and so grateful for those who will join me on the journey who I have yet to meet.

You have walked the circle and spun around the sun in a year long journey, so now what? Where do you go? I visualize this journey as an ascending spiral. With each completion of the circle, you move up to a different perspective. As you complete the annual loop you continue to rise and see a new point of view. The higher perspective brings clarity. It is easier to see where you have been and trust that there are certain cycles that you will recognize to guide you going forward.

The cycle of the circle is your marker that yes you have been here. You have made something; you exist and you make a difference. The number of your personal circles are limited and to mark the passage with creativity is the most powerful gift you can give to yourself and to others. Each quarterly creation of the cycle has brought you closer to your muse. You understand where your choice of mark-making comes from. The selection of colors and their combinations reflect your personality. You have stepped beyond what you believed possible. You have trusted in your knowing. You have followed the guidelines to a point and then let go of the bar and stretched to reach the next swinging bar that will carry you to your next level of creativity.

I have discovered that sometimes the painting comes first and then later understanding follows. The muse dances around you, gently guiding your hand and whispering encouragement. Follow her and join in the dance, letting the colors flow and the movements inspire your vision. I may be under the impression that this creation comes from me, is directed by me; but in the end, I must confess that I don’t know where I am in this creation. My relationship with the creative instigator is a precious and treasured gift that I nourish.

Pamper your muse and honor her presence. When you find yourself speaking harshly to your creations, remember they are a gift from your muse. In times not too long ago, the muse was considered a daemon, something divine and outside of the person. I believe in the divine nature of creativity. Yes, not everything you create will be your favorite. In the beginning you are learning. Understand that you are doing the best you can with the knowledge and experience that you have in that moment.

You will learn how to be a better dance partner with your muse. As you practice the language, the movement and the music of your muse, you will also discover more about your inner life. Your creations reflect this internal story. A story is a telling of an event, true or fictionalized, in such a way that the viewer experiences or learns something just from seeing or experiencing the story. This is your job as an artist, a creative and a person; to create and share the story in whatever medium inspires you. A painter, writer, mother, chef or storyteller; these are all mediums that can creatively share your story.

Follow the circle, learn to dance with your daemon and share the story of hope, inspiration and beauty with others. I am honored to be dancing the spirals with you.

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