Finding Your Touchstone: The Key to Your Inner Wisdom

Step outside ordinary time and cross the gateway into the invisible world of dreams, visions and guidance. To enhance your ability to move within the different realms, contemplate nature, beauty, poetry, music, art and mythology. You will find your way passing through the gateways into sacred time. Create ceremony with intention to seek out and ask your guides to help you. Know that you are never alone. If you have come this far along the journey with me, you know that everyone can tap into the inner guidance that is always available. You may think this help comes to you from outside yourself, but your inner knowing, your true guidance, is always an inside job.

So how do you find this place? Do you need to isolate yourself from the world, practice mediation hours on end or get degrees in philosophy? No, everyone can tap into their inner guidance. You already have names for it like gut feeling, female intuition or “a knowing”. There are certain activities you can do to aid you in connecting with your inner knowing. Certainly, meditation helps quiet the inner chatter we all have; and taking time away from digital devices and getting into nature are two biggies that set the tone for stepping outside ordinary time. Creating ceremony and developing your mythology or personal story is another.

An elegant way to connect with your inner knowing is to have a touchstone, or a reminder to stop, breathe and listen. When I was working in an office; not a good fit for me, I had a small chime that hung from a little stand. I kept it next to my phone and when I was feeling stressed and disconnected from my purpose and passion, I would tap the chime and the gentle call reminded me that I was on my path and connected to my spirit. There were days I was ringing that little chime constantly, but it did the job of bringing me back to my joy and soul purpose. Here is a ceremony for finding your touchstone. When you find it, keep it close and let it become a reminder to keep you connected with your inner knowing.

Take a walk out in nature on a beautiful day and take time to just be in the present moment. If you live near a park or a walking trail, this is perfect. If you can find a place where there are large trees and streams or water nearby, even better. Take your time on this journey. Think of it as a mini quest to connect with your heart and soul. Pay attention to your surroundings and listen to any inner guidance you hear. As you walk, pay attention to any object like a stone, a leaf or a small part of nature that is calling to you. Of course, be mindful of not taking objects from historic sites. It is very special to find a stone near water and sometimes a feather may be presented as a gift to you. Ask your inner guide if it is ok to take this gift with you. If it is yes, then do so; and if no, then search until you have found something that is gifted to you. This is your touchstone. Every time you touch it, see it or think of it; it will take you back to this serene and peaceful place of your inner knowing. Put it in a place where it may benefit you the most.

Take out your journal and write about the answers to these questions and anything else you wish to add.