How to Cultivate Inspiration

I approach cultivating my imagination and inspiration as I would growing a garden. I wouldn’t expect to put seeds in the ground and walk away and return in a week to have vegetables appear. A garden must be tended, cared for and even then, nature can be capricious. So why do we garden? It seems easier to just go to the market and buy what you want, or even just order it and have it delivered. Yet, there is a connection to growing and nurturing your sustenance. Knowing the process and how much love and energy went into tending to the seeds.

When you learn how to cultivate your garden of inspiration and imagination you will become a better artist and a more conscious creative soul.

So here are the steps to grow your inspiration and imagination:

1. Wake Up! This seems basic, but how many times have you gone through the day on auto pilot? To wake up means to acknowledge your part in the Universe. Show up for yourself. Don’t wait for the inspiration to be delivered to your doorstep.

2. Follow your curiosity. Pay attention and when something sparks your curiosity follow the lead right then...or write it down and commit to following the trail. How many times have you had a brilliant idea but didn’t act on it or acknowledge it by writing it down and then it was lost to you?

3. Grasp a concept. This is the next step after following your curiosity. You are curious about something and then follow the lead to explore how the ideas works. You may wonder where the river that runs through your town originates and how it is used in your community. The concept becomes water use and community.

4. Synthesize it and make it your own. What is a unique way to explore this concept? You may make a painting based on waterways or bring a group together to create art along the waterway. Whatever it is, this is the initial seed idea.

5. Set your intention. Now that you have discovered an idea that you wish to plant, name your seed idea. Honor it by naming it.

6. Prepare the soil. This is the phase where you explore, research and learn about your intention. Google maps can show you where your river originates and maybe you get an aerial view of the tributaries. What do you need to learn about your seed?

7. Declaration. Plant the seed. Taking the first steps in following your imagination is planting the seed. How would you figuratively plant your seed?

8. Incubation. This is the time of waiting. Each seed has its own unique time before the first shoots break free from the seed pod. Cultivate patience.

9. Action. When the first sprout appears don’t try to pull it out of the ground expecting it to be mature. Tend to the seedling. Pay attention to your intention and give it attention.

10. Patience. See above and repeat.

11. Persistence and agitation. These phases are necessary to shake up the idea to produce fruit. Work through the challenges.

12. Harvesting. Now is the time to reap your rewards. The harvest is best done with others. It takes a group to bring in the abundance. Find your community and share the harvest and abundance.

13. Intuition. Trust your process and save the seeds from the harvest to plant your next idea.

14. Refill the well. Rest and let the river fill you up and then begin again.

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