Inspiration Transformation

You can find painting inspiration all around you, and not just the beautiful vistas or complex cityscapes. I love to look below my feet. When most people are taking selfies, I have my phone pointed down to the cracked and textured sidewalk or the moss-covered wall. Technology has its pros and cons, but I love it for the photo techniques that are at the tip of my fingers. PicsArt is a photo app that I love to use. It is wonderful for enhancing or altering photographs and it is amazing to totally transform a photo allowing you to jump start a painting.

I love texture so photographing beach rocks, stone cliffs, crumbling walls or doors are some of my favorite things. How do you go from a wonderful texture to an interesting composition and finished painting? Let the scene inspire the feeling you wish to convey and try using more than one image for putting together a painting design.

Image 1 was taken in the tunnels below the city of Lucca in Italy and Image 2 was taken on the beach outside of Melbourne Australia.

I used PicsArt to alter the beach photo, but the image of the tunnel walls was unaltered. I combined the two to create a composition for a painting.

I look to nature to provide wonderful textures and colors. This image was taken on a snowy day from my dining room window. I used the oil painting effect in PicsArt to give me ideas for textures.

This second photo was taken from the passenger window while driving at highway speeds. Not too much alteration was needed but I did use a blur function to disguise the telephone pole. I think this one will make a great painting.

The best part is the app is free and I use it when I am waiting in airports or for appointments. I can be creating while waiting. I love it.

I made this video to share the process with you. Enjoy.

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