Living in the Question

I wanted Living in the Question to be the title of my last book, but my editors had a different idea, so I went with my next choice, Awakening Your Creative Soul. To fully dance with your creativity, you must let go of knowing the answers, but people are hard wired for structure. We categorize things and give them names. We organize with flow charts, identify the steps to achieve a result and we operate within a given framework. We like to know what to expect and understand the reason why. I have discovered that the biggest creative moments happen within the uncertainty and flow one experiences when stepping outside of ordinary time. When we do not know what is going to happen next, we are open to all possibilities.

With the onset of the global pandemic and all the changes it has brought to our daily lives we are now living in the question every day. This is a lot bigger than what I imagined when I first wrote about living in the question. My idea was more about exploring the less traveled route, trying a different technique or even making an unusual choice or decision about a few things. It had to do with stepping out of your comfort zone and expanding your creative perspective. To discover this flow of creativity you go outside the constructed framework of your day-to-day routine and move into the sacred time of creating. So, what happens when the world is turned upside down? The structure of ordinary time has been dismantled and you are now constantly living in the question. You are grasping for answers, searching for the comfort of the ordinary and revisiting lessons you thought you had moved beyond.

We are awakening to the possibilities that all this upheaval brings. Along with fear, anxiety and uncertainty we have witnessed an incredible blossoming of creativity from the wildly imaginative physical reinterpretation of paintings by the masters to mirror dancing, online concerts and video museum tours. We have discovered how to be together and learn together while being apart. Yes, emotions are strained, and we may not act as our best selves all the time, but we are also witnessing heroic courage and compassion. When you can step into the unknown and trust your muse you are truly in the creative flow. So how can you do this while also protecting yourself and others?

The online classes I developed about Awakening Your Creative Soul open you to a new way of creating. You can push past your normal way of making art and tap into this inspiration and intuition that is asking to be set free. When you can learn to dance with your doubts and live in the question your creative muscles will grow stronger, your intuition will become clearer and your art skills will grow exponentially. I believe that being creative is a life saver because it asks you to tap into our soul and source and to trust your choices.

How can you move into this place of increased creativity? What new painting skills will you discover and what are the steps for learning to trust your intuition? The courses provide the structure on which you can stand. It is like a springboard that will launch your personal discovery about who you truly are and to let go of the roles you have played in the past. I support you as you move into this sacred creative flow where you will learn as much about yourself as you will about painting.

Embrace the doubt and let it be heard. The more you try to suppress doubt the more it screams to be heard. So, give it voice, it will feel heard. Paint it, dance it, sing it, write it and express it and let the gates open. The hardest part is the fear of letting go. Are you afraid that once you embrace doubt it will overwhelm you? It is the fear of the unknown that is overwhelming, but we are discovering daily how to manage this. Mute the voices of doubt and be brave.

You must let go before you can move to the next handhold in order to climb higher up the canyon wall. You must destroy something in order to create something new. You must destroy the limiting creative myths that you have been lugging around. We all have the art scars and it is time to release them. You absolutely must learn to speak intuition. And you must not let the “musts” get in the way. Pretty ironic right? Diversify your talents. What is your aha discovery and how can you it to awaken your thinking?

If you are afraid of being wrong, you will lose your creativity. Your muse will walk out on you because she will become bored with doing it the same old way. How can you embrace doubt in order to keep your creativity alive and expanding? Does all your art or your ideas need to be brilliant? Are you willing to stretch, take a risk and fall on your face? Do not be afraid to make bad art! Keep creating; it is the only way to improve. This is how you work your creativity muscle. You must exercise it in order to be able to pick yourself up when you fall. Embrace the pieces that you struggle with and watch your words. Be kind to your art and yourself. This is how we create in the online Creative Soul Courses. It is a dance with doubt.

The next session (The South) of the online Creative Soul Courses begins June 6th and runs for 13 weeks. You can follow along as course content is released on a weekly basis or go at your own pace. You have all course content for life!

Discounted Early Registration is open May 27 - May 30.

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