Manifesting: Postcards from the Future

Postcards are usually sent from the present to the futures so they are from the past. How can postcards come from the future? I am writing this post from Italy in 2019. Over twenty years ago I stood in the Kimball Museum, mesmerized by the jewel-like paintings that Monet had created from his trip to Venice. He captured the light, the feeling and the experience and he transported me to the city. As I stood there staring I promised myself that I would go to this amazing place. I had just graduated from school and didn’t have any money but I held that postcard in my mind. Life continued and I would recall the images and the feelings that they instilled in me. Time passed but whenever I thought of Venice I would feel it with all my senses. This is how to manifest your dreams.

When you feel something in your heart and you can see, hear, smell, touch and even taste the experience, then you are already there. Just like your dreams can seem so real when you first wake up, your body doesn’t register the difference between real or imagined sensations.

Practice living your dream everyday:

Find a picture that represents what you wish to manifest. For me it was the painting of Venice glittering sea and gondolas lined up with San Giorgio Maggiore in the distance. Focus on the details in the image.

Close your eyes and imagine the temperature, feel the breeze on your skin. What is the smell? The fragrances of your dream. Can you taste the earth, the sky, the food. The air. What does it feel like to touch this place?

Practice daily imagining yourself in your dream. Feel the muscles in your legs as you walk in the place, swim in the sea, or feel someone’s arms around you.

Say to yourself that you are already there in spirit and that the postcard from the future is waiting for you.

Time is irrelevant to the manifesting. It may take the blink of an eye or 20 years. Time is the illusion that keeps the past separated from the future, so embrace your postcard image and life in it daily.

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