Nurturing Inspiration- 8 Steps to Increase Joy and Authenticity

Do you want your art to really show your intentions and not be a reflection of someone else’s story? Are you looking for more authenticity in your creative process? These steps will quickly get you to a place of power, not only in your art, but your life as well. Awakening Your Creative Soul is all about getting real, digging deep and mining your highest desires. The upcoming Creative Soul Courses are a combination of art exercises and soul cultivation.

Check out these moves to get yourself in the groove:

1. Move Your Life and Expand Your Heart

Increase your heart rate-listen to music you love while doing what you love. Select your sounds and tune in while creating, dancing, walking or doing whatever brings a smile to your life. You will grow your heart capacity by associating increased breathing with something you love. Connect the dots and get “inspired”. The more oxygen you get to the brain the more ideas you can generate.

2. Define your desire and draw a map to take you there

Getting clarity is probably the biggest thing you can do to attain your desires. When you know your destination, you can plug in your course. Keep it simple. Do you desire to have more time to be creative? Plug in that desire. One route is to carry a tiny notebook with you and sketch, doodle, draw or write whenever you find a few minutes. Do you really need to look at social media every 20 minutes? Take 5 or 10 minutes instead and look at your tiny notebook and see what comes up.

3. Read about others you admire

Find inspiration in others. Read a biography or check out TED talks by subject. You will find people that are doing visionary and ground-breaking work. Be inspired by their journey and use some of their ideas to chart your own course. Learn about an artist or an art form that is new to you. I find this helpful to do when I have a strong negative response to something. Years ago, I didn’t like performance art. I mean, I really didn’t get it. So rather than just brushing it off and labeling it as “dumb”, I began to learn about it. The more I understood it, the more relevant and powerful I found it. Now, I look for it.

4. Discover a need and fill it

What better way to feel good than by helping others. If you are feeling down or frustrated, the simple act of helping someone can brighten your day. It can be as simple as holding a door, being patient while driving, volunteering or even leaving inspirational notes or art in unlikely places. There is a chapter about this called Angel Art in Awakening Your Creative Soul. You may go even bigger by taking on a social need to clean up a park or organize a mural project. Let your heart and imagination take flight.

5. Provide great value-get by giving

This is similar to #4 but with a little different twist. When you are creating a project or doing your job, put a little extra joy into it. Is there a little something special you can do or give? Can you write a great review or recommendation? Can you introduce yourself to someone that is new to your group or work? Ask someone to coffee that you don’t really know that well. Give some of yourself and you may find a new friend or even a new creative opportunity.

6. Let the ordinary inspire you

This is my favorite one to do every day. Train yourself to see the amazing in the ordinary. Look at the textures on the walkway below your feet. Really look at a flower and see the universe inside the petals. Listen to the sounds of the city and see if you can assign an instrument to each sound. My friend recently did this while having an MRI. Each bang or noise was assigned a musical instrument, and she had a symphony to listen to instead of noise. Do this daily and you will never be bored.

7. Take off your cloak of invisibility

This is big, but it is necessary to move forward in your art and your life. Honoring your purpose means being seen and heard. You are enough just as you are. You don’t need to wait until you have finished a course, meet the right person, lost 10 pounds or whatever is keeping you in hiding. I dare you to be seen!

8. Embrace Vulnerability