Planting Winter Seeds

Plant the seeds in the darkest night, have faith and nurture the potential hidden within the seed, knowing that it will grow. Into what, you are not certain, but hold hope closely and know that the result will be for your highest good.

You have heard the guidelines for manifesting-focus on what you want to come forth, but what if you are not sure what you want? How can you focus on something if you don’t know what it would be? My dear friend Joan, who is a gifted therapist, would always reply when someone said they didn’t know what they wanted, well if you did know, what would it be. Everyone came up with an answer because it was an automatic response, without analyzing and judging. They were able to step outside of themselves and provide an answer.

We are approaching the Solstice here in the northern hemisphere. This is the time to go within and plant the seeds of creativity that you wish to manifest. Your mind may become overwhelmed with questions when attempting to name what you wish to manifest. The simple task of planting a seed can turn into questions like, what seed should I plant, which container, where will I put the pot, what if I forget to water it, and so on. Stop and take a breath. Creativity flourishes within constraints. Yes, this is true. It is human nature to become overwhelmed with too many options or possibilities. You end up in analysis paralysis. I have a YouTube video coming out soon that deals with this issue.

I call it "Use Up Your Leftovers". When I finish a project, I have lots of materials and leftover papers, paints, stencils and other assorted things on my table. My design challenge is to use up only what is on the table. I do not need to use everything, but I cannot add anything to it; these are the constraints. Now if you need to grab gel to adhere something, that’s OK. Here is the trick, make two pieces instead of just focusing on one. Yes, creativity wants restrictions, but your mind will flow easier with a couple of options. Set a time for how long you will work on these two pieces. It may be a few minutes to 30 minutes. More than that and you will become overly critical. Just let your mind relax and play with the pieces that you have.

You are planting your creative seeds during this design process. Your mind may not know what it is planting or making, just play, relax and have faith that you will see a message in the end. When you are finished walk away and return to the piece the next day. Ask yourself, what does it say? And if you did know what would it be? Plant your creative seeds and let me know what sprouts.

Envision, create, and believe in your own universe,

and the universe will form around you.

Tony Hsieh

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