Shine Your Light

Today we enter the darkest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. The winter solstice holds a special place in the circle of life. We have gone inside, bundled up to stay warm and to share the stories and history to the young ones. Folklore and traditions are the basis for todays celebrations. This is the time of year when we go inward and reflect upon our journey ahead and where we have been. It is the beginning of the next cycle of seasons.

The journey we travel is epic. For every year we complete the circle of light and we reach the point where the night is the longest, the Winter Solstice. From here we must birth the light into the world again. We replenish our light and shine it out to the world. Even though the sun is usually depicted as male energy and the Earth as female, it is the female reindeer that is celebrated in the northern lands. She was a revered spiritual figure associated with fertility, motherhood, regeneration and the rebirth of the sun. I share today a beautiful video from Gather Victoria that tells her story.


“The reindeer was often shown leaping or flying through the air with neck outstretched and legs flung out fore and aft. Her antlers were frequently depicted as the tree of life, carrying birds, the sun, moon and stars. And across the northern world, it was the Deer Mother who took flight from the dark of the old year to bring light and life to the new”.

I love this story because it brings the female energy into the old folklore and stories. We need the female energy today to bring back the light. The world is out of balance and female healing will restore it to harmony. First, we must look within and nurture our light. Then we bring it forth to show the way. Stand tall, be in your truth, honor your path and awaken your soul to the creation of light. I send you love and light and enjoy this gorgeous video. Thank you all for awakening to your light today.

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