Skiing, Thoughts and Manifesting - 5 Ways to Shift Your Mindset

I grew up water skiing and after I moved to the mountains, I tried snow skiing. When skiing, you look toward the point where you wish to go. If you want to swerve left but you’re looking right, your move will not be smooth, and you will probably fall. Form follows vision, and this is also true of your thoughts. These rules apply across the board from skiing to billiards to living life. Your thoughts and your mindset create a cascade within your body and mind. Your thoughts are a catalyst that drive results. When you are in the studio and your mood is not in alignment with what you wish to accomplish you will struggle more than necessary. Your thoughts are flexible. You can change them. Even if you are suffering from illness or grief you can find a momentary respite by focusing your thoughts on something you find pleasing. This is a beginning, but how do you shift your mindset?

Here are 5 ways to get and stay on track:

Take Inventory

If you are feeling anxious or upset and finding it difficult to create, then it may be time to take inventory. Tidy up your workspace and give gratitude for the things you do have rather than focusing on what you don’t. I was incredibly grateful when I moved to a house with extra room for a table that I could use as a workspace rather than focusing on not having a separate studio. You may organize your paints, pens, brushes or other supplies. You don’t need to do a makeover, just spend some time reflecting on the supplies you have and the space where you create, even if it is a desk in the corner of your bedroom. I painted one of my largest paintings in the spare bedroom, long before I had the studio of my dreams. This activity will shift your attitude from lack to gratitude.

Chop Wood Carry Water

When you are not in the mood to create, do what I call chop wood carry water. I sweep the floor, wire some frames, gesso surfaces, photograph and upload images. There are so many things to do as an artist that are beyond slinging paint. Just being in your creative zone will prime the pump. While doing these chores you may find new ideas or inspiration flowing to you. Keep a journal or pad of paper nearby to write or jot down your ideas. Inspiration likes to sneak in between the thoughts.

Draw a map

What do you want and where do you wish to be? Clarity is a necessary step to manifesting. Having a map of where you want to go will get you there much faster than if you just wander off in any direction. Listen to the whispers of your intuition and use it to guide you as you form your roadmap. Place inspirational words, symbols and tokens around your space to remind you of the place you wish to go or what you want to manifest. Surround yourself with beauty like photos of nature, loved ones and place fresh flowers or a houseplant nearby. Keep a journal or diary and let this guide you to create your map. The more clarity you have the smoother your path will be. The roadmap, whether it is words, or an actual drawing is a tool that will aid and enhance your visualization.


I have found visualization is my manifesting superpower. When I was a child, I would draw pictures of a house with a garden and trees. Many years later I did a watercolor painting of my first house that I bought, and it looked amazingly like the house and garden I drew as a child. Before I met my husband, I began to visualize the person who would be my ideal life partner. I believe the visualization helped me recognize him when we met. Another big visualization for me was dreaming my studio and current life into existence. I had found this forlorn metal pink folding chair next to a dumpster. I took it home and it became my visioning chair. I used it at that first house to vision my garden into existence and after I met my husband and we moved to another house I used it to vision my studio. I would place the chair on the land where my studio was to be built and feel myself inside the studio working. I saw where everything was and how excited I was to welcome collectors and students into the space. I kept saving my pennies and visualizing and after several years my vision became a reality. I remember this every time I step into the studio. I am grateful for all the steps it took me to get here.


Accept that you are going to have waves to and downs. I call this climbing the ascending spiral. Realize that just because you have overcome one challenge, it doesn’t mean that it will never appear again. Life is like climbing a spiral staircase. You are seeing the same scenery but from a different perspective. When a familiar challenge presents itself again and again, recognize the pattern. Then assess what tools have you acquired since the last time this challenge presented itself. The pattern may show up in how you deal with certain relationships, or it may be money issues or even within your creative life. Recognize the pattern and be grateful for the opportunity to address it from a higher perspective. Incorporate all of your senses into your daily meditations and visualizations and your superpowers will manifest before your eyes.

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