The Best Gifts Come in the Strangest Packages

This is the season for giving and I want you to be on the lookout for some strange packages. Why would you want a strange package? They have the best gifts that change your life, touch your soul and stay with you forever. They don’t take up space in the closet or end up being re-gifted, although passing the gifts forward can be a blessing. These gifts don’t appear to be gifts at all. They come in the form of setbacks, losses, hurts and worse, but the gift inside these strange packages come with lessons that will serve you well and lead you to the gifts you are truly seeking: love, purpose, connection, creativity, belonging and more.

These strange gifts come wrapped in numerous forms, but most appear as rejection. You are alone, lonely and looking for the perfect relationship. You really want a loving and supportive relationship with someone. It seems like everyone around you has that but you. You have been waiting for so long and then you meet, The One, or at least you think that person is the one for you. You go out and get to know each other. A few warning signs pop up but you convince yourself that everyone has some flaws and you can overlook them. Then the relationship sputters. You ask for what you need and the answer is No. The gift is the No, wrapped in rejection. This is the gift?!

Here is another one. You have been working in a dead-end unfulfilling job so you find the courage to seek out a new job that is a much better fit. Then the business downsizes and they want you to take on some other roles in the company. You don’t really want to work in that division but you need the job and it’s not so bad really, you still have your friends there. So, you persist even through the warning signs. You begin to feel like you are missing out on something. That your dreams are waving bye-bye to you. You begin to get sick more often, you are not spending as much time doing the activities that bring you joy. You keep showing up but you are not as excited about the job as you once were, but it’s better than where you had been. Then you get laid off. This is the gift.

The gifts are the way into your heart and soul. They will teach you about perfect timing, trust, patience and love. The gifts seem hurtful, devastating or even life wrecking at times. Unwrap the ugly strange package. Sit in the fear and rejection and then tell yourself that the perfect partner is out there for you, the best job ever is waiting for you, the life you have always dreamed of having is there for you. Know that with patience and trust, the Divine wisdom is conspiring to bring you the best. When the rejection happens, it is the Divine’s way of saving you from the flawed mediocre not quite right fit. Trust this and know that the best gifts will show up for you in perfect timing. You really need to practice trust and patience on this one; it’s not easy.

I know that if my prayers were answered for that mediocre relationship to pan out, the timing would not have worked for me to meet the most perfect partner for myself. Thanks for the lousy rejection gifts! In hindsight losing my job was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I wouldn’t be here today writing about this and living the life that is even better than the one I was dreaming of.

The right relationship with the perfect person, the most fulfilling job, the answer to your dreams, learning to trust and to continue to show up. Showing up, time and again; then rising after being pushed to the ground by rejection, dusting off the hurt and leaning into love even more is the best gift you can pay forward. I hope you find the beauty in the strange gifts that come your way because they will reward you forever.

Peace and Joy.