The Most Powerful Gift for an Artist

What is a gift you can give yourself? Pretend you have been given some grant money to support your creative journey. What would you purchase? Let’s pretend your day to day needs are met and this gift to yourself is about enhancing your creativity. Perhaps you need supplies, or you want a studio or designated space to create. Yes, these things will buy you some time, but they are short lived. What could you purchase that would stay with you forever? A musician might purchase a new instrument that would change their craft. A poet might purchase an antique that reminds her of her heritage and inspires her next book of poems. An artist might study with a teacher that could give them methods that would change their art and push them to the next level. An inspirational trip of a lifetime would stay

with you forever. (I sure am looking forward to doing that again!) What is something that goes beyond the immediate needs? What gift would you give yourself?

Clarissa Pinkola Estés says that through living the appetite diminishes. The awakening of soul life is what allows you to live with less so that you may have more life. The importance of learning your soul dance will enrich your journey in life. It will open your eyes to the dance of the soul and let you engage with your art on a deeper level. Discover your true voice, know your ancestors, tell your backstory so that you may create from the depths of your soul. These are gifts that are timeless. The search within opens the door to be anywhere, anytime.

Clear vision into your purpose is the most powerful gift that any artist may possess, but it is not something you can purchase. Clear vision is attained by an internal journey and self-awareness. Age aids in the process. As you gain more experiences it will alter your perspective. Patience is a gift that you can give yourself. Patience is not impatience stretched to a near breaking point. Patience is the slowing down of attention. You place your awareness on one thing at a time and really see it. You become conscious by examining your dreams and the murmurings of your distracted mind. Discover the seed within yourself that is yearning to germinate and grow and reach for the light.

The upcoming online Creative Soul class, the North Session, is not about a destination it is about going within. Letting the outer busy-ness die away. You will examine your intentions, learn to listen to your shadow and merge them to form a new narrative going forward. The journey will open new emotions and assist you in making your art. You will let go of the dance of desires. You will move within and develop your clear vision. The art techniques will assist you in discovering your own internal seed. You will nurture your creativity and enjoy the processes that will help you and continually inspire you. Your supplies will never run out or dry out, the tools of your soul are yours to resurrect whenever you desire.

Follow your dreams, pay attention to the signs, allow your intuition to be heard and let go of the desired outcome. What you gain may be something you could never have imagined. If you knew all the answers and all the paths, life would be very boring. Choose a new path through the forest. Discover the images and stories that will inspire you. We are on this journey together and we can expand our spirit when we are joined with others. Have fun, say yes, and join in the excitement of discovery. The paradox of the North is understanding how to let go, to end, and to begin again, all within the same breath. Take the next step. Follow the journey around the circle and reawaken your inspiration.

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