The New - New Year Ritual - Discover Your Word for the Year

This is one of my favorite things to begin the New Year with. There is no stress, no pressure, you don’t have to lose 10 pounds, give up your favorite splurge or even eat more kale, much to my husband’s delight. This New-New Year Ritual is the opposite of making New Year Resolutions. Resolutions usually involve giving something up or denying yourself of something you really, really like, and then they are gone almost as fast as the holiday cookies.

Discovering your word or phrase for the year is about bringing something new into your life. It can be a new way of being in your body, a fresh perspective on creating or even a new path to follow. Even when I make resolutions, I keep them in the positive. One year my resolution was to drink more water, another year it was to use more Titanium White in my paintings. These are two things I am still doing and enjoying years later.

Last year I shared a story about when I began this practice. You can see the post on the blog. This year I want to focus on the many unexpected rewards I have found following this practice. About twenty-five years ago I decided that my “picker” was broken and I needed to fix it. My “picker” was my ability to select appropriate love interests. I had been single for several years and was ready to find my mate. I had gotten over my bad boy phase and really wanted a soul partner for life. Yet, I kept finding ones that weren’t interested in me if I liked them or the reverse. The timing always seemed off. I began using my word for the year process to gain clarity around what my partner and relationship would look like. Oh yes, and I stopped dating completely for three years until I could fix the problem. A bit extreme but I was busy going to school as a returning student and working full time.

During the three-year hiatus I began to pay attention to what I found attractive in a person. I looked at people that had successful relationships. I learned to honor myself and to see how my own behaviors affected the choices I made. The Word for the Year process helped me to let go of thoughts and beliefs that no longer served me. I learned to love myself. Then it happened. Once I knew myself well enough to really let go of what wasn’t mine, work on the issues that were, and learn to honor me, I could allow myself to be loved. I met my future husband and the timing was perfect. I am so thankful that the Universe didn’t grant me the old wishes. Everything in perfect timing! This relates back to the post on The Best Gifts Come in the Strangest Packages.

Here is the process to discover your word or phrase for the year. The process is life changing, meaningful and as you share it with others you are becoming the change you desire.

Here are 10 steps for finding your word or phrase for the year:

1. This is a perfect time to begin a new journal as we begin 2020. I love to have one for each year and it can be as simple as a lined school notebook, but we are creatives so I know you will make a beautiful one for yourself. I use these simple notebooks but I glue mixed media paper to the cover and paint on that.

2. Begin the process by writing down the answers to these questions:

What are you most excited about for this coming decade?

Are you entering a new phase of your life, embracing a new archetype?

What are you thankful to leave behind?

What are you grateful for right now?

Now take a piece of paper from your journal or cut up a sheet of paper into 8 pieces. Sit in a place where you will not be disturbed for about 15 minutes.

3. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel yourself connecting with the space below you. You will begin by letting go in order to create space in your life for the new to come in. With each out breath let go of something that no longer serves you. Let go of self judgement as you exhale. Take a breath in and then exhale and let go of fear and pain. As you exhale, let go of negative and limiting thoughts. Continue until you feel expansive and a lightness in your chest.

4. Now as you breathe in pull in the life you want to have. As you breathe in feel the joy, happiness and abundance that you know is yours. Feel it manifesting in your life now. As you breath in, what are the core feelings and sensations that will align you with this life? Take some time and feel the words or phrases that resonate with you.

5. Take your slips of paper and write down 8 different words or phrases that you wish to bring into your life. Look at each one and get a sense of where you are feeling it. Is it in your heart, your mind or deep in your soul? Write a couple of words to describe these feelings for each word or phrase.

6. Place the 8 pieces of paper in front of you and select 3 that you feel speak the strongest to you. Set the others aside. Don’t worry if you are doing wrong, you are not. These are your words.

7. Now look at the three cards and consider what will change when you embody this word or phrase? Write this in your journal. This can be a little scary, just like growth. We are not wired for change, so it is necessary to challenge or push yourself to feel the change. The more focused you are in your word, the more alignment you will have. If you choose a phrase, keep it at 2-4 words. Clarity rules!

8. What would be three triggers that might keep you from embodying your word? Write this down in your journal.

9. Now select the word that clarifies what you wish to embody this year. You may choose to combine a couple of words into a phrase. Write it down. Write it another way. When you feel clear, this is your word or phrase. Keep it simple so you can focus your intention on this word. How do you feel when you embody your word? What does it look like? Have your word or phrase in the present tense and in the affirmative. Instead of I am free of debt, try I have Financial Freedom or I radiate health instead of I am free of pain. You may wish to write your word or phrase on a beautiful piece of a paper or a card.

10. Each morning when you wake, think of your word or phrase. Place the card on your bathroom mirror so it’s the first thing you see in the morning. Align your frequency to this purpose. Focus on it manifesting in your day and then relax. Pay attention to how this shows up during your day, and at the end of the day acknowledge your gratitude. You can use your journal to keep track of the wonderful synchronicities that are aligning you with your deepest desires.

As an extra bonus you may wish to create a vision board, painting, collage or visual representation of your word or phrase and keep it where you can see it for most of the day.

My phrase for the year is Compassion and Synchronicity.

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