The Power of Yes

There is great power in saying yes. I learned years ago to be prepared for opportunity. When I was asked in 2009 if I would be interested in participating in a group show in Australia, I said yes before I even knew what it was about. You see, I had always wanted to go to Australia. When I was a kid I sent away for information on a program that would have our family moving to Australia. The program payed to bring doctors and nurses to work in remote areas of Australia. When I excitedly showed my mother the information, she said no. So, I wasn’t about to let another “no” get in the way of my art going to Australia, but this is just the beginning of the story.

My friend met the gallery owner at an outdoor art festival I normally participated in, but I happened to be away teaching a workshop. My friend was asked to be part of a group show in the Australian gallery. Months later, she asked me if I might be interested in participating, because she wasn’t sure if another artist would be able to submit work. I said absolutely, yes! I trusted my friend even though I hadn’t met the gallery owner. I began communicating and we decided on how many pieces I would have and what sizes. I was so thrilled to have my art going to Australia.

I am a printmaker and the gallery represents work on paper. The exhibition was titled, Under New Mexico Skies and I began working on my pieces. I was researching the similarities in landscape between New Mexico and Australia. The work was finished and the gallery owner was scheduled to pick up the art and carry it back to Australia to be framed. The art was going but we weren’t; but I was still very excited to be having an international show. Cheryl, the gallerist, came to the studio and looked over the work. She was pleased and selected a few more than what I originally had been commissioned to make. We all went out to dinner to celebrate.

Over the course of dinner, I explained how I had always wanted to go to Australia and shared the story of trying to get my family to move there. She stopped, paused, and said, I think you all need to come to Australia. She worked it out to get us all over there for the opening. There was press and visitors from nearby cities that attended. It was a fabulous event. The show was a great success and we have become very dear friends since. Through this one event, I made friends with another gallerist from Australia and had several shows represented by them in the US. Then I had a solo exhibit with my friend back in Australia where it all began. The simple power of one Yes changed my life tremendously. I connected with a path I had longed to follow. The yes began back in my childhood, but it took me a long time to find the road to answer the call.

I look back over the past decade and I realize how often I have said yes to opportunities. Yes, there are times when one must be selective, and I don’t say yes to everything. I know when something feels right, and I trust my intuition to guide me. So how can you fine-tune your power of Intuition and know when to say yes? Here are some tips to help you know when to say yes to opportunity.

Pay attention to the whispers you get. This is that little voice that says, “here I am, look at me”!

When presented with a question, first run it through your mind. What does your head say? Are there a lot of excuses like the timing isn’t right or is it really a good idea? This is the analytical part talking. The analysis may run contrary to what the heart, body and soul say.

Now run the idea past the body. What do you feel? Do you feel excitement? A tingling, a joy rising from your toes?

Now, run it by your heart. Your heart will bypass the critic and you will light up with joy at the possibilities. I use this system in evaluating my decisions. I know which feelings and whispers to pay attention to. I trust my “gut” feeling and know when to follow the joy and light in my heart. Your whispers, gut emotions and heart delights will be your own. Work with your intuition and say yes to your dreams.