The Songs of the Seasons: Moving into Autumn

We have now passed the equinox and are moving into the Western Gate. The veil between worlds is thinner now. You may get glimpses of the spirit world as you descend into the fading light of fall here in the northern hemisphere. The call of your dreams, your archetypes and synchronicities are becoming stronger. Pay attention to the whispers of wisdom that your unconscious self is revealing to you.

October is a month for introspection and self-reflection. You come to know the fleeting time that life has, and it reminds you to be grateful for each moment. Look upon our choices and ask yourself how you must change to progress toward your vision. What must you let go of, what transition must occur and how do you face the truth of letting go. This season of dreams and visions helps you to understand the synchronicities that come your way. How can they help you dream your vision awake? What must you let go of in order to transition into a new awareness? Each letting go is like a small death that leads to rebirth. You must feel nothingness to truly embrace life. Like the trees, you shed your outer glory of colorful leaves and go within to examine what is needed to renew and to know yourself. Go within and know yourself, your spirit and soul.

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