Trust the Little Miracles that Smile on You

I have a secret practice that I am going to share with you. Every evening when I am going to bed, I name the things I am grateful for before I drift off to sleep. You may think this is a rather common practice, not some magic lesson, but here is the secret. I know that at the end of the day I will be naming things I am grateful for so I begin each day looking for something that I will be able to give thanks for. What are the little miracles that I am looking for? I am working in the studio and I can’t find what I need. I close my eyes and ask for it to be seen. When I open my eyes, there it is. Crazy, but it works. Think about all the times you have been frantically looking for something, whirling around making yourself dizzy, only to come across it right in front of you. What other little miracles might you find? A parking place right where you need it, a phone call from a dear friend you haven’t heard from in a while or perhaps you get in the slow line at the store. Wait...what? The slow line? Yes, and because of this you connect with someone that can help you with a project or you are able to help them with their project. Sometimes these little miracles can be sneaky.

Awareness + Coincidences + Emotional Connection = Synchronicities

Here are some other ways to cultivate miracles. When you become aware, they are happening all around you and are on the lookout for them, the coincidences or segues to happy little miracles will connect with you. Here is the catch. There are coincidences floating around like pollen in the air; some are meant for you and others are for someone else. So how do you know what is yours? It has an emotional hook. You can feel it in your bones, or skin or vibration. It has a charge for you, just like some pollen makes you sneeze, and it doesn’t affect the person next to you. The coincidence that grabs you is yours, so take it and give thanks. When you are aware and connected to the coincidences, embrace them as yours and then synchronicities happen. You are in just the right place, space and time. This is what some refer to as living a charmed life. Keep your frequency tuned and aware and the charmed life can be yours.

Awareness + Combination of Diverse Ideas = Transformation

The next one is a little different. You are still on the lookout for your miracles to be grateful for, but you are looking for them in unusual places. You may need help with something, and you expect it to show up in a certain way. You are not looking for the help to come from the opposite direction of where you are looking, but this is what happens. For some, who are not aware and open, they do not recognize the help. They let the person, event or thing sail on by. When you can be open to diverse ideas your life will be transformed. Be open to unexpected surprises or little miracles that may be sailing your way.

Awareness + Meaning + Synchronicities = Purpose

Here is another way to open your life to transformative miracles that may lead you down a new path. You are now moving through each day with awareness, paying attention to the things that spark you and connecting the dots. Transforming your perceptions may lead you to discover new purpose. (Disclaimer-this was written prior to social distancing measures.) Maybe you are walking into a store and you see someone pushing a heavy cart, you join in the uphill push to make the trip easier. You exchange pleasantries and you both feel better for the positive connection. The feeling lasts as you go about your shopping. You smile at a stranger; they smile back and they in turn go on to give a smile to another person. The good feelings are joyfully contagious. You realize that your purpose for the day was to bring joy to someone that was struggling and this in turn spread joy. Look for a smile today. Joy will direct you to find simple purpose and this may lead to the purpose with a capital P.

Practice finding the little miracles and see where it may lead.

Awareness + Purpose leads to change and innovation.