Value and Worth

If you aren’t growing, you are dying. I am learning the textures of my soul in the face of the multitude of challenges that pop up daily. I am flying through space, tethered to this beautiful vessel, unfolding the mysteries of grace, seeking acceptance, mining the jewels of wisdom, calling upon stardust to light up my moments. I have always loved traveling the world. Now I travel my inner space. I pray for lifelong support to show up, and for Stardust to light up the struggles we face.

Do you ever feel like you are not enough? I know some folks that never struggle with this feeling. They are always secure in who they are. I think they are rare, but I believe we can all get there, at least some of the time. When the sailing is smooth, and you are floating along it is easy to say yes, I am worthy and deserving of my good fortune. I am good at what I do and who I am as a person. But what happens when the storm hits? What happens when you hurt someone or make a mistake? Do you still feel worthy? What happens when everything you identified with as a person is taken away?

I have a friend who is an artist and over a year and 8 months ago her life ended as she knew it. She was in a horrific auto accident that broke her body and her mind. She courageously fought to come back to life. She is a different person than she was before the accident. She struggled not only with her physical injuries but also the cognitive, emotional and spiritual trauma that the accident inflicted upon her. Now she is accepting of who she is becoming. I find these inspirational words even more profound because she is a young person. Her name is Gurudarshan Khalsa and here is the wisdom she shared:

“I had a doctor ask me last week if I felt worthy. I broke down in tears. I used to place all of my value and worth on my ability to "sing for my supper". My worth was based on how I was showing up for others, on my art career, on how much money I made, and on my capacity to teach others and uplift those around me. When all of that was drastically taken away, how could I be worthy without all of that? This journey has brought me to know my worth and my strength of simply existing and incarnating. What if our worth was based on the fact that we are alive?”

This is the most profound question to contemplate. You are worthy simply because you are here in human form! I struggle with being “enough”. Is the painting the best it can be, did the group get value from my workshop, who am I without my identifiers? When we meet someone, we often ask them what they do, as if this is who they are. Chapter Two in Awakening Your Creative Soul has the exercise “Who Are You”? The chapter takes you through a process to move you deeper into yourself, beneath the identifiers, to discover who you truly are. Now, I want to add this to the exercise: acceptance and worthiness of who you are simply for being here. It is profound.

So how do we get there in a softer gentler way than my friend had to experience? We do not want to go through the trauma that Gurudarshan did, but we would like to have an awakening of worthiness. I have used this writing exercise to transport me from a dark place to a place of peaceful acceptance. I believe it can transport you also.

Here is the exercise:

Get a notebook or tablet, nothing fancy just a lined notebook is great. Keep this somewhere safe and secure because it will hold very personal information. We are going to write positive, affirming statements of love and acceptance. You will have the ability to respond and this conversation will break down the negativity that you carry inside that prevents your feelings of value and worthiness.

First write a statement of affirmation that you may be struggling with. When I first began this practice years ago, I was coming out of a very dark place and I didn’t feel very worthy. This exercise and lots of work has transformed my life to living my dream life. I know if I can do it you can too.

You will write a statement as truth with a Capital T and then your small ego mind gets to reply.

For example:

I am a woman that is worthy of love and success.

My small mind would respond-you are not-you get what you deserve and look at what you have, nothing.

Next line:

I am woman that is worthy of love and success.

Small mind-Yeah-who told you that nonsense.

I am a woman worthy of love and success.

You don’t look very successful to me.

I am a woman worthy of love and success.

Well maybe you can have a little success.

I am a woman that is worthy of love and success.

You have some people that love you at times.

I am a woman that is worthy of love and success.

You have made some changes.

I am a woman that is worthy of love and success.

You might be worthy of small successes.

I am a woman that is worthy of love and success.

Ok, so you are worthy.

I am a woman that is worthy of love and success.


I am a woman that is worthy of love and success.

Yes, you are!

The process probably won’t go this fast. Many times, it took me pages over the course of weeks to get acknowledgement. You didn’t get the false beliefs overnight so it may take you some time to undo them.

Now that I feel worthy of success, I want to work on feeling worthy simply for being alive.

Here is my current statement:

I am enough just the way I am!

So, grab your pen and notebook or your tablet and begin the transformation.

Here are some more words of inspiration from Gurudarshan:

“I've learned that meditation doesn't happen on the mat, it happens in the mind, body, and spirit with present awareness in each moment. Our power is in the moments where we can talk to the divine as we find the quiet place of no distraction. It's so hard to get that quiet and let go of our perceived comfort and pacification of the external world but going inside is the most potent thing I can do.”

If you would like to see some of the incredible art that Gurudarshan created during her healing process and beyond visit this link:

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