Follow the Flow of the Seasons and Enhance Your Creative Awakening

There are numerous bonuses that will be revealed as we approach the seasons.  Learn how to dance around the wheel of life and invite spirit in to play and ignite your creative longings. Your life will be expanded with new purpose and meaning.

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A Year Journey of Enhanced Awakening

Complete the circle of seasons for enhanced Creative Awakening. Go through each season to complete a full year. With each season you will begin to discover a more profound understanding of your purpose and gifts. Why you are here, and what you may give in return will be revealed during your journey around the year. 

Begins March 1, 2019.


Seasonal Creative Soul Courses

If you are unable to commit to a full year, take the classes per season.

Spring/East Begins: March 1

Summer/South Begins: June 1

Fall/West Begins: September 1

Winter/North Begins: December 1