Creative Soul Courses - The South Session

Weekly Outline

You will make at least 15 paintings, gain insights into color, composition and mixed media techniques.

Each lesson has downloadable PDF notes and the audios come with writing exercise to guide you deeper into your creative process.

Week 1

Slideshow Video Outline

PDF Downloads

Introduction and Laying the Foundation. An overview of supplies and techniques.

Introductory slide video covers:

  • New to Ruzuku, how to navigate, ways to connect

  • Why you are here

  • Course objectives - arrangement of modules

  • How to use your Soul Journal

  • Downloads and extra prompts

  • Building community

  • Time commitment

  • Art supplies

Overview of monthly themes [PDF]

June Courage to Create Change [PDF]

July Freedom Cultivating your Passion [PDF]

August Trust - Tap into your inner knowing [PDF]

Week 2

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

Unraveling the Mysteries of Acrylics 

  • In this video lesson, you will learn the secrets of using various gels, mediums and pastes to enhance your mixed media art

  • You will complete 1-2 paintings in this section

Week 3

Audio Downloads

PDF Downloads

Change perspective and learn to dance with doubt. Alter your habits and change your art. To create takes immense courage. Cultivate discipline and consistency to accomplish your goals. The audio and PDF of this week will guide you through exercises to help you go deeper into your creative process.

Week 4

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

Working with Perspective

  • Explore working in various formats and perspectives.

  • Explore both abstract and landscapes

  • You will create 4 paintings this week

This is a terrific way to shake up your art! 

Week 5

Audio Download

PDF Download

Take yourself on an art exploration and discover your souls’ language. Audio prompts to walk you through daily sketches and a written exercise to ask the questions you might not have thought to ask.

Week 6

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

Be bold and courageous and learn to follow the breadcrumbs to discover new ideas

  • Based on your explorations and discoveries from the previous week you will create a mixed media piece using unusual and earth-based materials

  • You will finish at least 2 paintings this week

Week 7

Audio Download

PDF Download

Take a Risk. Risk, why we avoid it and why we need it. This week will lay the foundation for transforming your creative process. Both audio and written exercises prompt you to push yourself and embrace the unknown.

Week 8

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

Fear no color studies continue with learning new color tricks and tips 

  • I will guide you through creating valuable optical color mixing charts for mixed media

  • You will complete 2 paintings based on color strategies

Week 9

Audio Download

PDF Download

Create to music. We will explore ways to create using music, rhythm, movement and color.

Week 10

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

From Scribble to Structure

  • Learn, color, design, composition, opacity and transparency, veiling, collage and oh so much more

  • You will complete at least 3 paintings

This is my favorite way to loosen up and really “get” the elements of composition

Week 11

Audio Download

PDF Download

Take a walk through your painting and learn how to analyze it with confidence. Challenge yourself to be vulnerable in order to grow by leaps and to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

Week 12

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

Revisit how to understand the mysteries of acrylics.

  • This week we will learn more techniques using gels, pastes and mediums

  • You will learn how to create a successful transfer every time

  • How to layer resist techniques

  • Create and build clear layers

  • Learn ways to get faux encaustic finishes

  • You will make 2 paintings

Week 13

Live Q&A

You may also email questions and the session will be recorded for you to take with you