Creative Soul Courses - The West Session

Weekly Outline

You will make at least 14 paintings, gain insights into color, composition and mixed media techniques.

Each lesson has downloadable PDF notes and the audios come with writing exercise to guide you deeper into your creative process.

Week 1

Slideshow Video Outline

PDF Downloads

Introduction and Laying the Foundation. An overview of supplies and techniques. 

• Introductory slide video covers: 

  • New to Ruzuku (course platform), how to navigate, ways to connect

  • Why you are here

  • Course objectives - arrangement of modules

  • How to use your Soul Journal

  • Downloads and extra prompts

  • Building community

  • Time commitment o Art supplies 

• Overview of power of the West-change and transition 

• monthly themes [PDF] 

• September Cultivate Your Superpowers -Honor Your Inner Strength [PDF] 

• October Embracing the Shadow Going into Stillness [PDF] 

• November Finding Balance, Sharing Wisdom and Giving Back [PDF]

Week 2

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

Working in Series 

  • You will develop your authentic voice by working in series 

  • Composition and design elements are covered 

  • Color stories and using mixed media and collage to enhance your art 

  • You will complete 6 paintings in this section-pick a theme: windows, circles, lines, compositions, horizon lines, ideas like travels, color ways, etc. Create a piece then choose something from that piece as a jumping off point for the next one. It could be color, value, shape or feeling.

Week 3

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What is your secret superpower? Tap into and track the road you have traveled. Then chart where you wish to go and how to get there. Are you the intrepid traveler or do you prefer to stay on the trail? The learning is in the trying, stumbling and getting up again, so embrace your superpowers.

Week 4

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

All Cracked Up 

  • In this lesson you will work with crackle pastes and clear crackle glaze. You will learn how to apply crackle paste through stencils

  • How to create an aged patina using clear crackle

  • How to get crackles to stay on paper

  • You will create 2 paintings

Week 5

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PDF Download

Exploring Your Shadow side. How the dark makes the light visible. You need shadow in order to see depth. Audio prompts to walk you through daily exercises and a written exercise to ask the questions you might not have thought to ask.

Week 6

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads


  • Shadow Play, values, gradation-blending, brush techniques-washes, splatters to fine lines-using different viscosity paints and brushes to achieve different effects. How to use and integrate both Interference and iridescent paints into your art.

  • You will finish 2 paintings in this lesson.

Week 7

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Follow first thought. So often we dismiss the first thought that pops into our minds. We will discover what it means to follow your first thought and how it manifests in your creative process.

Week 8

Video Lessons

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  • Explore creating on surfaces other than panels or canvas. 

  • We will use fabric, paper, wire, mesh, wrap scrolls, use yarn, string and so many other wild and wacky things

  • You will create 1 painting this week This is a terrific way to shake up your art!

Week 9

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Asking the question, walking the labyrinth and listening for the answer.

Week 10

Video Lessons

PDF Downloads

How to apply Gold leaf onto texture 

  • Using metallic paints and patinas 

  • Apply leaf over an embossed surface and sand back. 

  • You will complete 1 painting

Week 11

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Meditation and exploration to learn to express your vulnerability. Listen to the little voice that is scared. Fear can help you grow by leaps and to stretch beyond your comfort zone. Is the bravado real or is the fear real? Who’s in charge?

Week 12

Video Lessons

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Creative Prompts 

  • You will create 2 paintings by using creative prompt cards that you make 

  • Be Intuitive-go big 

  • Action response - Do one thing, pull a card and interpret the response 

  • You will learn about making your own tools, using brayers and rollers, incorporating fabrics, fuse-iron together, veil with paints and pastes and many more possibilities 

  • You will make 1 large painting and 1 small piece

Week 13

Live Q&A

You may also email questions and the session will be recorded for you to take with you