The online lessons of The Seasons augment and expand upon the exercises in the book, Awakening Your Creative Soul. You will be able to go deeper into each lesson with added audio instructions, additional videos for creative projects, written guides, interviews with experts in their fields and live Q&A. Daily email inspirations will keep you aligned with Spirit. Weekly audio will walk you deeper into each week’s lesson and videos provide additional step-by-step creative projects to jump-start your superpowers. 

Weekly classes begin Spring 2019. Reserve your spot today.



The classes will connect soul-centered learning with creating a life filled with passion and purpose. Are you seeking a way to have more abundance and compassion for yourself, and to connect with deeper meaning in your life and work? Learn how to walk in wisdom and create from the heart to heal your soul and make a difference in the world. You will have the opportunity to connect with other Creative Visionaries from around the world. Become an agent for change in your own life and receive abundance by sharing your creative talents.

A New Dawn, Sandra Duan Wilson, Awakening Your Creativ Soul


A New Dawn 



Time of Introspection & Discernment

Pedernal, Sandra Duran Wilson, Awakenin Your Creative Soul


The Power of Discovery 

Holding the Light, Sandra Duran Wilson, Awakening Your Creative Soul


Renewal and Paradox 

Each direction is associated with a season, a time of day, cycle of life and characteristic of self. The course will accompany you around the circle to view each aspect of your physical, creative and spiritual development; from birth to wisdom age. With each season you will begin to discover a more profound understanding of your purpose and gifts. Why you are here, and what you may give in return will, be revealed during your journey around the year. Every season will engage you in exercises; guiding you to a deeper awareness of the world around you, physical attributes and manifestations. Even if you do not consider yourself a painter, dancer or writer; you will tap into the part of your soul that says, yes to creating. We are all born with gifts, and some may not yet be opened. Why not open yours this year? Join me in this creative and unique way of connecting Spirit and Art.


There are numerous bonuses that will be revealed as we approach the seasons. Learn how to dance around the wheel of life and invite spirit in to play and ignite your creative longings. Your life will be expanded with new purpose and meaning.​